25th August Kiss & Make Up Day Sale Flavored Condoms 10% OFF

How many times have you seen a movie, when couples are fighting and suddenly they’re jumping on one another bones? While you, on the other hand, barely make ends meet just to win an argument. Funny, right? But here’s a deal. Grab your partner and on the 25th of August, initiate a fight and go for steamy makeup sex. Of course, try to warn each other, that fight is just acting. If your intentions are good and you’re properly prepared, this hot rodeo in bed (or in the kitchen) is guaranteed.

Most people don’t realize that holding a grudge against their partner increases the risk of not having sex on regular basis for a week (or so)👿. For this reason, WorldCondoms gives you 10% OFF for flavored lubricants to get ready to loosen up after the intense fight🍭.