Scream Day

Ah, the Manhattan. Ah, the Pina Colada. Ah, the Mojito. As with most things in life, the spring weather calls for a drink. And the best part, a colorful and delicious cocktail will make you forget all those hot toddies over Zoom. Celebrated on May 13th, World Cocktail Day reminds us that there’s no better time to explore your hidden bartender skills. What’s more? We’ve to say that 99 of every 100 first dates blossom from this proposal: ‘Let’s grab a drink’. If you like them, maybe, um, let’s go out again sometimes? To honor this day, celebrate the best cocktails in the world and all the first dates that resulted in hot love affair.

It seems weird times to celebrate anything, but World Cocktail Day is here and we’re ready. Celebrate it with a refreshing treat that's got a real kick🦶💥. So, let’s live it up!