W26th September Wolrd Contraception Day -10% Off extra safe condoms

Held on September 26th, World Contraception Day improves awareness of contraception and enables young people to make informed choices of their sexual health, in the hope that every pregnancy is intentional. But sometimes alternatives can be confusing, and it’s no surprise that many people ask, ‘What’s the best choice?’ In our opinion, condoms are the way to go. We’re not here to call you out, but you may need to hear some truth: They work extremely well. And c’mon people, it’s 2021, of course, there’s a fun condom out there.

Bad day? Have sex 🛏️. Good day? Have sex 🛏️. And do it with a condom☂️. Whether it’s latex, polyurethane, flavored, dotted, you name it, there’s the one out for you. All extra safe condoms are now with 10% discount🛒.